Some DIY revelation and a thank you

I bought an old cupboard a few days ago. I wanted a cupboard with a rustic feel so I went looking for one in all the second-hand shops around town. I found one I liked, paid for it and brought it home to begin working on.

The idea was to clean it up but to keep it the rustic look. As I began to sand it down and clean it up, I believe that God showed me a picture of the work He does in our lives as He restores us.

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The Road Ahead

And so a new year begins. Wow, it’s almost intimidating to think of everything that will happen in the next 365 days. All the good and bad and in between. Where will I be spiritually, seems to be the question in the forefront of my mind.

2017 was good. It had its challenges. It had ups and downs. But for the most part, last year was a good year. Spiritually, I grew in some areas and atrophied in others. Again, it was a good year, but how can I learn from last year and walk closer to the Lord this year?

I guess I’m thinking ahead and asking: “Will I be formed more in His image by the end of the year than I am now?” Here are some thoughts on approaching the year ahead…

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