Worth a Read

First the details. I love to read. I regularly have at least four books on the go so that I have something to read no matter what mood I’m in. About four or five years ago I pretty much phased out reading novels because I realised I had too much to learn and not enough time to do it in. Of the many books I’ve read, these are the few that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Next the disclaimer. This is my list so it’s going to be a subjective opinion. Not every book listed is an actual Christian book, but is on this list because it helped in some way with my walk with The Lord, or it helped in some way with ministry. I’m not going to give a long description on each book, just why it made a difference to me, or how it helped. I have, however, linked each book to its Amazon page so you will find a full description there. Books are listed alphabetically by title.

And so, on to the list.

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Have you ever gone off somewhere to just be quiet?

Maybe it was just closing the door to your office. Maybe you left the office to sit on the bench outside. Maybe you just wanted to get out of the house and sit in the garden for a bit, or maybe you just took a drive.

Did you notice how unquiet it was?

I teach at a high school and as I write this I am sitting on a bench outside in one of my free lessons. It’s noisy.

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