It’s not about the cash

When it’s my wife’s birthday I’ll buy her a present “from the boys” so that they get to give her a gift on her birthday.

How many parents here have done a similar thing? Or maybe your parents did that for you?

Or how about pocket money?

My son, Rory has a few chores he has to do around the house and in return he gets a small amount of pocket money. We’re starting to teach him about tithing and want him to give back 10% of his money to Jesus.

Where did the pocket money come from?

Mom and dad.

You could argue and say that he worked for it, but where did the opportunity to do the chores come from so that he could get pocket money?

Mom and dad.

It’s a similar thing with us. Everything we have or do comes from God. We work for “our” money, but it is really God who gave us everything we have.

When we ask Rory to tithe it’s not really about the money. If he does it or does’t do it, we’ll love him the same. We’ll still bless him with his own presents. We’ll provide for his needs.

So why the fuss about tithing, or “sharing” what you have with others?

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